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A Sound with the Strength of a Jaguar

by Sonia Gomes Silva and Cathrine S. Thommessen on April 28, 2015

From the end of the previous installment:
Sonia (therapist): “What do you feel when the shaman told you that you have a spell?”
Mairipora (client): “I feel a bit angry.”
S: “Where in your body do you feel this anger?”
M: “I feel a little tight here.”
Mairipora pointed to his stomach.

Sonia: “Oh I see … Can you hold your hand a little bit on your stomach? … What do you feel?”

Mairipora: “Tight …”

S: “What else do you feel?”

M: “Weak.”

S: “Okay … huumm … take a moment.” (Pause …) “Can I put my hands here?” Sonia indicated the back of Mairipora’s neck.

Mairipora nodded and Sonia put her hands on his spinal column and asked him to move the torso, neck, and head to lean his weight against her hands. She asked him to move so that he could press the foot against the ground while he moved his body. Then she placed her hands on his arms, facilitating release of energy contained in the paraspinal muscles, arms, hands, and legs. This procedure was done with intention to trigger the sympathetic nervous system and charge the system a little, as it was frozen and holding a great lethargy.

S: “How are you feeling now, after you were helped to move your body?”

M: “Some more energy.”

S: “Okay. Take a moment and watch what is happening.” (She gave him some time …) “Tell me, how are you feeling now?”

M: “I’m more present. I can see more of the green tree leaves.”

S: “Beautiful. Very well. … So you told me that— at the time the shaman told you that you had a spell— you said you felt a little angry, right?”

M: “Yes.”

S: “I believe you were put under a spell and you believed it yourself, as do your parents and the whole village. But since you know it was a spell, it means that you already have an advantage: the disease is already 50 percent cured. When the spell is uncovered, it has been reduced by half. Now the other 50 percent is up to you. No one can do anything for you, only yourself. Do you want my help?”

M: “Yes.”

SE work in BrazilS: “So, when you recognized that it was the Kayapó Indians who made the spell for you, you pictured their image, their negativity and how they envy you. You’d be a teacher, who is of great value in their village, right? So now I want you to look deep into the eyes of those Indians who did this against you. I want you to use the full force of their roots, their ancestors, of the Spirit to take this spell away from you. Use a sound that comes from within you, a sound of any animal you know who has that power. Come on!”

M: “humm ……. Aahh …” He made a faint sound.

S: “What’s that sound, my gosh! Is this a chicken? What is this?”

Mairipora made a weak sound, almost without tone, and Sonia provoked him until he opened up for a sound with the strength of a jaguar. Later, she would recall: “That was a magnificent sound. Perfect!”

S: “Very good! So now let’s allow this spell to really quit your blood, your cells; let’s scream and make all the power you allow to come into you. Let’s push the spell out of the joints, the ears, the eyes, out of the entire body and let it leave the skin! Let it all out!”

At that point, Sonia retrieved a small branch of a tree, a sacred tree for the tribe, that she knew could be used in this way. Without injuring the young man, but with vigorous energy, she hit the branch across Mairipora’s whole body to ask the spell to go back where it came from: far from the tribe, away from Mairipora’s body, and far away from his energy.

At one moment Mairipora said that there were no more signs of the spell. Sonia asked what was left now and he answered: the presence of Jesus.

S: “So now you just open the door of your heart to Jesus. Nothing else, only open the door of your heart, only to Jesus. In your heart there will be no space for any spell, ever again.”

The session ended with stabilization, then education and guidance in movement. The presence of Mairipora’s family was very important for the containment of the field. Also, his father supported the translation from Portuguese to their native language.

Just 39 days later, on January 8th, Dr. Duarte wrote to say the results of Mairipora’s exams were excellent. Platelets were balanced, the anemic process seemed over, and he felt well.

The solar cell system is about to be installed. Cathrine has met with the Rainforest Foundation Norway, telling about the team’s experiences and bringing forth the concerns raised by the Yudjá tribe. The Foundation has been chosen to host the yearly national TV fundraising campaign for 2015: Hopefully this will bring more attention and financial aid to the indigenous people in the Xingu as well as other rainforests around the globe. We cross our fingers.

Using SE with indigenous tribesCo-authors Sonia Gômes Silva and Cathrine S. Thommessen joined an international team in 2014 for an expedition to Xingu National Park to work with Brazil’s indigenous tribes. Sonia is a senior professional training faculty member at the SE Trauma Institute, a clinical psychologist, a Rolfer®, and a Rolfing movement practitioner. She is based in São Paulo, Brazil. Cathrine is an SE practitioner, movement educator, and movement therapist based in Oslo, Norway.

Photos by Eduardo Biral, all rights reserved (used here with permission)

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Hope Michaelson May 28, 2015 at 5:08 pm

Hi SE Community,
Having had advanced training in SE with Sonia I was able to visualise and sense Sonia’s healing, especially the releasing of the spell from Mairipora’s body. This reconnected me to one of the training sessions and Sonia’s love of the Brazillian forest. Such moments in my training come in to my sessions whilst counselling and transfer the SE community energy to assist in the ANS release. It is a privilege to have been trained by Sonia.
Hope Michaelson, SEP


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