New Book Reveals “Aha!” Moments for Therapists

by: FHE Admin

A new book published last month includes contributions from Somatic Experiencing® Practitioners reflecting on the epiphanies they've encountered in their practices. Defining Moments for Therapists features first-person accounts by eleven therapists from diverse backgrounds and training. One chapter, for instance, shares the experience of a therapist integrating SE® touch into her psychodynamic practice. Read on to learn how you can download your free copy!

Serge Prengel, a regular contributor to this blog and host of the SEPTalk series of podcasts, served as the book's co-editor. He describes the concept behind Defining Moments as follows: “If therapy is a relational process, it takes a person on the therapist's end. The goal of the project is to capture the therapist's evolving sense of self as it is shaped by our experiences as active participants in a creative interaction.”

As the publisher reports, the essays in the book share some “Aha!” moments when therapists came to understand themselves better— and to understand better why they do what they do. Here is a book review from Farrell Silverberg, Ph.D., a psychoanalyst and author:

“The process of therapy encompasses an ongoing series of defining moments, and not just for our clients. This book offers a compelling account of tipping points in therapy from the perspective of a variety of practitioners representing many schools of treatment. From psychoanalysts, art therapists, body-centered psychotherapists and others, we encounter those moments of discovery that define the process and highlight the meaningfulness of those daily intersubjective journeys we take to accompany our clients on the path to health.”

The authors and publishers wanted the book available to anyone interested and so they have made a free PDF version available for download. It is also available for purchase in paperback and other digital formats. Click the following link to claim your copy today and let us know what you think about the book by adding a comment below.

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