Featured Scholarship

The Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute offers professional training in the resolution of traumatic stress.  We seek to create new partnerships with diverse populations in order to better serve professionals and communities that have not previously had access to Somatic Experiencing®. We are initiating conscious efforts to reduce barriers to attendance due to financial hardship and to support diversity and accessibility as part of the upcoming 3 year-training, scheduled to begin in Silver Spring, MD on February 14-17, 2020 at Crossings Healing & Wellness. All qualified professionals are welcome, those who represent the communities of color we seek to serve are, in particular, encouraged to apply. Donations to support scholarships are welcome and appreciated. Visit the link below and select “Silver Spring Scholarship” to designate funds to this particular cause.


To learn more about our other scholarship opportunities, visit: https://traumahealing.org/scholarships/ .

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