A Personal Letter to the SE® Community

by: FHE Admin

Dear Members of the SE® Community,

It is with great pleasure that we share Peter Levine's attached letter with you, in which he shares his vision for SE with our community. We believe you'll be as touched by Peter's heart-felt words as we have been, describing the natural evolution that is taking place and the thoughtful container for it that he has established.

Over the last year, Peter has worked closely with the Board of Directors to set a successful course for the Institute. In partnership with him we are working around the clock to operationalize that course for our future. We cherish the gift he has provided to us and are committed to being diligent stewards of it.

We are in the process of building a comprehensive strategic plan that will continue to guide our mission and vision. There are many exciting developments underway, including the creation of a state-of-the-art website to be launched shortly, as well as new programs for the SE community and the general public. We will be sharing additional highlights with you very soon.

We look forward to working in collaboration with you to build a visionary future.

With warmest regards,

Alison Rapping

Founder of Somatic ExperiencingThe Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute is a nonprofit, educational and research organization dedicated to the worldwide healing and prevention of trauma. We provide professional training in Somatic Experiencing and outreach to under served populations and victims of violence, war and natural disasters.

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  1. Dear Peter Levine.
    I am now also a TRE practitioner (trauma releasing exercises) and I want to express my deepest gratitude for the work you have done all of your life, starting with your inspired studies of the animals’ world in the wild. I hope you will have a long and guaranteed-to-be-fruitful future; I look forward to the ‘surprises’ you still have in store for us; and I wish you health and happiness.
    United in our Felt-sense
    Raymond Lambert

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