Meet the SEI Admissions Team

by | Apr 18, 2022 | FEATURED STORIES

One of SEI's oldest administrative teams lives in the Programs Department; the Admissions Team. Admissions is made up of three employees: Rachel Volberding, Programs Project Manager and Admissions Supervisor, and Robel Semere and Rene Sacchitella, Admissions Support Specialists. It's just coincidence that they all have names that begin with “R.”

As a team, they work skillfully to welcome students the Somatic Experiencing Professional Training Program. They support prospective students, current students and returning students alike by hosting monthly Online SE Basic Principles Webinars and helping guide students throughout their SE journey by managing waitlists, processing applications, and answering all varieties of questions and concerns.

The Admissions Team is currently working on various projects to help support the growing SE community through clear, compassionate, and effective education and guidance. This includes but is not limited to: updating the Student Policy Handbook, improving monthly Online SE Basic Principle courses, and revamping the student readmission applications. Their goal is to welcome and ease students into their training program while helping them feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

If you have feedback about training requests or how improve the student experience, or if you have questions about an application status, Beginning level trainings or potential upcoming cohorts, Rachel, Rene, and Robel want to hear from you! Please email admissions@traumahealing.org to ask your questions and for more information.