Meet the SEI Training and Faculty Relations Team

by | Sep 6, 2022 | FEATURED STORIES

The Training and Faculty Department is sister to the Programs Department; where Programs sets up the logistics of a training, Training and Faculty relations oversees the curriculum, faculty, and best practices in a training. The members of this department are Kristin Velazquez Kenefick, PsyD, PSEP, Director of Training and Faculty Relations, Madeline Manning, Training, Student, and Faculty Relations Coordinator, and Sandra Ackley, Continuing Education Support Administrator.

Currently, this wonderful team is working on developing and updating the curriculum to include more information and resources on embodiment, transgenerational trauma, neuroscience, and system trauma. They are working to build relationships with a variety of continuing education (CE) boards and are also working hard to finalize a contract with a CE provider for 2023 which will offer a broader range of CE’s for many of the SE modules.

One goal that the Training and Faculty department has that you can look for in the future is the expansion of the SE community through the establishment of cohorts in new cities as well as SEI’s three newest faculty members: Debra Clydesdale, Mahshid Hager, and Francine Kelley. An additional two faculty members are expected to join the team by the end of the year!

The Training and Faculty Relations department wants to hear your suggestions for improving SEI trainings. You can offer your feedback by email, in focus groups, and in conversation. Your feedback matters and in the past has resulted in great change. The Training and Faculty department want you to know that they care about what you need and they will continue to work hard to improve all aspects of the training experience.

To reach out to the Training and Faculty team, you can email evaluations@traumahealing.org