Payment Plan/Promissory Note

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Student Informed Consent
Payment Plan and Promissory Note (3 Year Training and Master Classes)
Assistant Informed Consent
Provider Informed Consent

Payment Plan/Promissory Note Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you understand these terms and conditions before you complete and submit this form. By signing and submitting this form, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

1. You must complete and SIGN this form to set up your payment plan. Forms submitted without an actual signature will not be accepted.
2. This form is also your registration for the class. There is no need to call to register – completion and return of this form is sufficient.
3. Your first payment will be charged to your credit card on the day we receive the payment plan form. WE DO NOT HOLD FORMS UNTIL A LATER DATE. Please do not submit the form until the day you want your first payment charged to your credit card.
4. You will be registered for the class on the date that we charge your credit card for the first payment. Your first payment MUST be taken BEFORE the start date of the class.
5. Your next payment will be taken the next month, and every subsequent month, on the 15th day of the month.
6. To qualify for the early registration price, this form must be received by midnight on the date of the early registration deadline.
7. To qualify for the early registration price, we must charge your first payment on or before the early registration deadline
8. We do not charge interest, but there is a $40 fee for each payment plan.
9. The minimum monthly payment for a course with a tuition amount less than $1,000 is $100/month. If the tuition is over $1,000, the minimum monthly payment will be $150. Of course participants can elect to pay a larger amount for the monthly payment if they wish.
10. We cannot take payment plans over the phone – please do not call to set up a payment plan.
11. Each class that a participant wishes to set up on a promissory note will have its own payment schedule. Payment plans cannot be merged or consolidated into one payment.
12. All payments must be made monthly via MasterCard, Visa or Discover. No personal checks can be accepted for monthly payments.
13. SEP Certificates will not be granted unless all balances are paid in full.

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