Using SE in Psychoanalytic Practice

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In this latest installment of SEPtalk, host Serge Prengel (an SE® Practitioner in New York City) speaks with Frances Sommer Anderson, PhD about the benefit of adding the Somatic Experiencing® method to her psychoanalytic practice. As a specialist in treating pain and other mindbody disorders since 1979, Dr. Anderson has fairly recently added SE training into her approach.

As Dr. Anderson explains in this conversation: “SE gave me some tools that helped me to refine what I was doing, do it better … in helping people link up what was happening in their bodies … integrat(ing) the emotions with the narrative.”

The conversation is 40 minutes in length and includes examples from Dr. Anderson's clinical practice as well as principles that form the foundation of SE techniques. Please listen to the full conversation here:

This is part of SEPTalk, a series of audio conversations, each with a different SE Practitioner. Other recent topics include: Developmental Trauma, SE Outreach, plus Relationships and Couples Therapy.

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Frances Sommer Anderson, PhDFrances Sommer Anderson, PhD, is a psychoanalyst and licensed psychologist in private practice in New York City. The body— disabled, disfigured, and in pain— has been the focus of her clinical work since 1974. She integrates relational psychoanalytic theory, research in the neuroscience of emotional and cognitive processing, and the neurobiology of attachment, trauma and pain. She has been recognized internationally for her experiential teaching style and for leading edge publications, including the forthcoming book, Pathways to Pain Relief.

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