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A Message from the SEI Board Chair, Rebecca Stahl


“I would suspect that for many folks, SE has helped you navigate these difficult moments (read: 15 months). There were times my personal SE work helped, and there were times tapping into the larger SEI community helped me navigate a particular moment. Often, both the personal practice and the larger community were necessary. Thanks to SE and the SEI community, however, they have almost always felt manageable, and when they did not, the community became even more important.”

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Five Reasons Not To Miss Our Virtual Conference


October 22-24, 2021


Keynotes and Plenary Sessions with 12 leaders in the world of SE, including Dr. Peter Levine, and SEI faculty members. (That’s more than enough reasons right there.)



Meet the winners of the first annual Peter Levine Research Awards – Dr. Madeleine Lowman of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the all-female 8-member team in Turkey using SE to treat healthcare workers during COVID-19.



The best lineup of topics – from international roundtables to sessions on DEI, children and SE, vulnerable populations such as LGBTQ, SE in groups and collective trauma, and four research studies underway.



CE credits. If you need them, you can get them.


Daily opening movement and ending dance parties. Because you need to get out of the chair and get moving.

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Meet Shaochen Chang:
Returning Home to China and Taking SE With Him

Shaochen Chang
“Somatization of mental health issues is somewhat of a cultural phenomenon in eastern Asian culture – tai chi, meditation, and other somatic-based activities play a key role in Chinese daily life. This makes it easier for health professionals in China to understand SE.”
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Updates to the Student Form Page On the SEI Website

Registration, refund, transfer, and Group Case Consultation forms can now be found on the SEI website on the new Student Form Page. The forms are now securely handled through the HelloSign platform. This process change will increase SEI’s ability to handle requests in a timely manner and create more ease for the student experience. If you have further questions about refunds, transfers, or Group Case Consultation registrations, please consult the Student Handbook or contact registration@traumahealing.org.

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“The Neurophysiology of Individual and Collective Trauma” Published in Nuero Peace Magazine

By Dr. Abi Blakeslee and Dr. Glyndie Nickerson

Dr. Glyndie Nickerson
Dr. Abi Blakeslee

“This article focuses on the neurophysiology of individual and collective trauma and offers peacebuilders, communities, and readers practical tools to recover from secondary (witnessed) or direct trauma.”

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Kathy Kain On Using Somatic Experiencing Interventions Virtually

Groundless Ground Podcast
Tune into this episode of the Groundless Ground Podcast as SEP Lisa Dale Miller interviews Kathy Kain about the use of SE across different platforms. Kathy and Lisa engage listeners with an in-depth conversation about the benefits and shortcomings of screen-only contact with clients and what interventions best serve a variety of clients.
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Upcoming Webinars

Anti-Oppression Webinar:
SE & The Refugee Experience

Brenton Diaz
Mahshid Hager

Supporting Nervous Systems Impacted by the Trauma of Forced Migrations


Thursday, August 5, 2021

11am – 1pm  MT 
Presented by Mahshid Hager & Brenton Diaz


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Lifting Heavy Things

Laura Khoudari

Using Strength Training To Support Trauma Healing: Part 2

Thursday, July 21, 2021

11am – 12:00pm  MT 

Presented by Laura Khoudari

$29 for members/ $79 for nonmembers


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SE and Spiritual Practice

Glyndie Nickerson

Reclaiming the Freedom to Grieve

Friday, July 16, 2021

10am – 6pm  MT 

Presented by Glyndie Nickerson

$169 for members/ $219 for nonmembers

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23 Ways to Protect Your License From Licensing Board Investigations and Ways to Attend the Current Coronavirus Ethics Challenges

Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

11am – 1pm  MT 
Presented by Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

$29 for members/ $79 for nonmembers


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Our learning and knowledge library has a wealth of valuable, timely webinars from leaders in the SE field. All are free for members to stream through the membership portal. To take advantage of this learning library, join SEI.


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SE International Global Town Hall

July 13, 2021
11:30pm MT

The SEI town hall format offers an additional live opportunity to ask questions and share perspectives about the direction, strategic priorities, and current projects underway at SE International. The event is FREE to attend.

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SE Community Conversation:


Parenting and Parenthood During Crisis:
Supporting Parents In Raising Resilient Children Through Difficult Times

12pm – 1:30pm MST

The next SE Community Conversations will feature experts who will discuss parenting through crisis. Parenting in today’s world can be a challenge. Somatic Experiencing is a powerful modality, not only to support children’s innate resilience but also to help parents regulate themselves in times of crisis.

In every SE Conversation series, you can count on some lively discussion, some tips and tools, and some group exercises. The insights and perspectives on this topic of parenting through crisis, the challenges, opportunities, and specific issues prevalent in this area all promise to be more worthwhile than ever, worldwide. We have a particular focus on neurobiological methods of resolving and supporting people in crisis, in this case, parents, children, and teens.

This a FREE event; all are welcome!

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