Diane Poole Heller**

Diane Poole Heller


Trauma Resolution and Attachment Expert, Author

Diane Poole Heller is an established expert in the field of trauma resolution, with 30 years of experience in spiritual exploration. Her book “Crash Course” on how to resolve auto accident trauma has been published in the US and internationally and is used as a guide for healing general trauma. Dr. Heller began her work with Peter A. Levine, founder of Somatic Experiencing in 1989, and has served on the SE Trauma Institute teaching team since 1992. As a Senior Faculty member for the Institute, she teaches SE in the US and abroad, including Denmark, Italy, Germany, and other countries.

Diane has created a highly successful series of media resources for SE practitioners and others interested in healing. As dynamic speaker and teacher, Diane has been featured at prestigious international seminars and conferences and is the author of numerous articles in the field, including a CNN video production dealing with the Columbine High School tragedy. As president of Trauma Solutions, a psychotherapy training organization, and with a limited private practice, Dr. Heller has been concentrating her efforts to support the SE community through an array of SE and other workshops. In recent years she developed the very popular DARe modules, which will now be offered also as Somatic Attachment Certification programs in Denmark, Germany and Italy.

Private Practice is closed for now.

Instructor Level: SE Professional Training Faculty
Teaching In: Europe
Levels Taught: Beginning and Intermediate levels of the SE Professional Training

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Louisville, CO

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