student forms

Access the following forms: student application, registration payment, payment plan/promissory note, tuition payment by check, streaming Media Library access & descriptions, W9, student policy handbook, and student session logs. 


Student Application New students will need to complete the training application in order to be accepted into the professional training program. 

Student Informed Consent AgreementNew students will need to review and sign this informed consent agreement as part of the application process in order to be accepted into the professional training program. Neglecting to sign the Student Informed Consent Agreement may cause a delay in the processing of student applications. 

Student Readmission ApplicationStudents who have been absent from the training for 5 years or more will need to complete this application along with an updated resume/CV 

Registration Payment FormUse this form to register for a training and with payment by check, money order, or to use multiple payment methods. 

Payment Plan/Promissory Note for 3-year Program 

Payment Plan Terms and ConditionsUse this form to set up a payment plan for Beginning I through Advanced II modules. Complete all required information and submit for approval. 

Student Session Log (Blank)– PDF
Student Session Log (Blank) Word Doc

Once you have completed all training hours and session requirements, please submit completed session logs by emailing them or faxing them to (303) 652-4039. 

Streaming Media LibraryDemos are now available for rent via our streaming library. Click to browse and rent the demos.

W-9 FormProvide this form to your DVD review session provider. 

Student Policy HandbookThe student policies handbook is revised as of July 3, 2019 

SEP Cover Page Form  
PSEP Cover Page Form

Participants will need to complete and attach this form to their complete SEP/PSEP Approval Packet before they scan and email it to credentialing@traumahealing.org