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Whether you’re here to apply as a new student, looking to pay tuition, or trying to track sessions and schedule case consults, you’re in the right place. All forms take at least 1-3 days to process, and some take much longer—but we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you have questions, please contact programsupport@traumahealing.org.

Looking for SEI policies, such as our student handbook or Code of Ethics? We’ve got you covered.


NOTE: Neglecting to sign the Student Informed Consent Agreement may cause a delay in the processing of student applications

Accounts & Payment
Video Options
  • Review Video Request Form To order review videos after attending a live training event. These are pre-recorded videos of Ariel Giarretto, SEP, CMP, LMFT, MS.
  • Substitute Video Request Form To order pre-recorded videos of Ariel Giarretto, SEP, CMP, LMFT, MS in lieu of attending a live training event. Students can only substitute a live training once per Beginning Year and one per Intermediate Year. Cannot substitute both Beginning III and Intermediate I.
  • Transfer Request Form – To request a transfer for your registration to another module/cohort.
  • International Transfer Information –  Please note that all transfer requests for trainings in a different country will require you to provide proof of the modules you have previously attended.

NOTE: Transfer requests must have 60 days between your previously taken module and your requested module. Approval is not guaranteed. 

Demos & Session Logs

NOTE: Once you have completed all training hours and session requirements, please submit completed session logs to credentialing@traumahealing.org

SEP™ Certificates

When your SEP Approval Packet is complete, scan, and email the packet to credentialing@traumahealing.org. Emailed packets are strongly preferred to physically mailed packets.