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A Heart-Centered Roadmap to Trauma-Proof Our Schools - Maggie Kline, MS, LMFT, SEP, SE Faculty$17.99
Advances in Traumatic Stress Treatment - Chris Walling$17.99
All 2021 Conference Videos - LIFETIME ACCESS Original price was: $1,999.60.Current price is: $699.00.
All Peter Levine Videos - LIFETIME ACCESS Original price was: $499.99.Current price is: $279.99.
Allergies, Aromatherapies, & Somatic Experiencing - Nirdosh Kohra$17.99
An Autobiography of Trauma Mapping the Complex Fabric of Trauma - Efu Nyaki$17.99
Applications of SE: Attachment Focused-Somatic Experiencing With Joseph Riordan, MAPS, FCCLP, IAAN, SEP$17.99
Applications of SE: Bringing the Body into Perinatal Mental Health with Helena Vissing, PsyD, SEP, PMH-C$17.99
Applications of SE: Cravings, Destigmatized: The Doorway to Your Unconscious with Luis Mojica CLC, CNC, SEP$17.99
Applications of SE: Embodied Recovery for Eating Disorders with Rachel Lewis-Marlow, MS, EdS, LCMHC, LMBT$17.99
Applications of SE: Inflammation In Our Bodies Inflammation in Our World The Tao of Trauma with Alaine Duncan$17.99
Applications of SE: Introduction to Therapeutic Plans with Liane Pinto, SEP$17.99
Applications of SE: The Eyes in Health, Balance, Relationship, & Trauma w/ Lael Katharine Keen, SE Faculty, CAR, RMP, AAT, BMVE$17.99
Applications of SE: Trauma and the Voice with Emily Jaworski Koriath, DMA, RYT-500, PSEP$17.99
Applications of SE: Traumas Impact on Financial Capability & Wellbeing with Jane Monica- Jones, SEP, Financial Therapist$17.99
Applications of Somatic Experiencing with Deaf and Hard of Hearing People - Cara Miller$17.99
Applying Somatic Experiencing - Liane Pinto$17.99
Ayahuasca : An Ancestral Medicine With Scientifically Supported Benefits -Yadira Velazquez, MD$17.99
Body Exercises and an In-Depth Review of Physiological Discharge - Abi Blakeslee, CMT, MFT, PhD, SEP, SE Faculty$17.99
Caring for Frontline Healthcare Workers - Katherine Czyzewski & Derya Eryigit$17.99
Challenges to Maintaining Mental Health and Well-Being of Disaster Responders - Patricia Carla, PhD, SEP$17.99
Co-Regulating with SE - Glyndie Nickerson$17.99
Complete Research Summit Video Collection - LIFETIME ACCESS$99.99
Conversation - Peter Levine and Bessel van der Kolk$23.99
Cup of QiGong - Elisa Peterson$17.99
Discover the Ecstasy in You - Edith Eger & Peter Levine$23.99
Embodied Emotions Experienced by Nurses Within Acute Care Contexts: How to Design Qualitative Research - Anna Bovo, RN, MSc$17.99
Equine Guidance: Leadership and Somatic Experiencing - Belle Shook, MC, NBCC, LPC, SEP, NARM, BCC$17.99
Equine Guidance® and the art of presence and Somatic Experiencing in a Group Setting - Belle Shook, MC, NBCC, LPC, SEP, NARM, BCC$17.99
Grounded and Embodied Yoga Practice - Sarit Rogers$17.99
Groups and System-based Applications of SE - Paul Briggs and Boaz Feldman$17.99
Healing the Collective Nervous System: SE for Peace A New Paradigm - Gina Ross$49.99
How Trauma Affects Support, Suspension, and Breath - Betsy Polatin$17.99
Integrating Somatic Experiencing Touch Work into a Manual Therapy Practice - Lael Keen, SEP, CAR, RMP, AAT, BMVE, SE Faculty$17.99
Integrating the Safe & Sound Protocol into Your Somatic Experiencing Practice - Ana do Valle and Laura Piche$17.99
Lessons from the Margins - Zhayra Palma, Mina Do, & Lekha Kanchinadam$17.99
Long COVID & Somatic Experiencing - Peter Levine, PhD and Mahshid Hager, LMFT, SEP$21.99
Moving Towards Wellness: Using Trauma-Informed Yoga and Somatic Movement to Grow Vagal Tone and Increase Self-Regulation -Kyra Haglund, LCSW, SEP, E-RYT$17.99
Opening Song and Blessing - Del Laverdure$17.99
Polyvagal Theory for Children - Dafna Lender$17.99
Practical Tools for Working with Youth - Jenifer Trivelli$17.99
Psychitecture Art and Design - Rachel Melvald$17.99
Racialized Trauma - Resmaa Menakem and Peter Levine$23.99
Randomized Controlled Outcome Study - Gina Ross$17.99
Relational Repair - Abi Blakeslee and Dave Berger$17.99
Research Roundtable - Sikora, Giuffra, Olsen, and Changaris$17.99
Returning Home - Alexandra Whitney and Michael Changaris$49.99
Scale Development from an SE Perspective: Positive Sensations Tool Development - Derya Eryigit, PhD & Dilara Özel$17.99
SE Trauma Training for an Immigrant Resettlement Org. - Beth Robins Roth, APRN, SEP & Michele Solloway, PhD, MPA, SEP$17.99
Somatic Experience - Presentation of the Peter A Levine Research Awards - Levine, Changaris, Zuijken, Lowman$17.99
Somatic Experiencing For Animals - Sarah Schlote, MA, RP, CCC, SEP$17.99
Somatic Experiencing in Group Work Facilitation - Doug Allen, CD, SEP, MSW$17.99
Somatic Experiencing Informed Trauma Research: The Evidence to Date - Dr. Chris Walling, PsyD, MBA, C-IAYT, SEP$17.99
Somatic Resolution Skills for Perinatal Trauma - Kate White$17.99
Somatics of the Self - Richard Schwartz and Peter Levine$23.99
Tend the Wounds and See the Beauty SE Trauma Healing & Mindfulness - Jack Kornfield and Peter Levine$23.99
The Bidirectional Relationship between Trauma and Functional Neurological Disorders (FND): Everything that Therapists and Medical Professionals Should Know - Yadira Velazquez, MD$17.99
The Pelvis - Dave Berger$17.99
The Physiological and Developmental Impacts of I tech (Screen time) and How to Work with I Addiction - Doug Allen, CD, SEP, MSW$17.99
The Relationship Between Caffeine & Trauma Healing - Luis Mojica, CLC, CNC, SEP$17.99
The Success of Group Action Process with Veterans and why SE is a perfectly suited modality for delivering it - Doug Allen, CD, SEP, MSW$17.99
Tips of Encouraging the Most Body-Phobic/Reluctant Clients to Become Willingly Embodied - Ariel Giarretto, MS, LMFT, SEP, CMT, SSE, SE Faculty$17.99
Toddler Trauma - Joseph Riordan, MAPS, FCCLP, IAAN, SEP$17.99
Trauma and Polyvagal Theory - Stephen Porges and Peter Levine Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $23.99.
Trauma is Broken Connection- Diane Poole Heller with Peter Levine$23.99
Trauma The Spiritual and Emotional Pathway to Embodiment - Alanis Morissette and Peter Levine$23.99
Use and Efficacy of SE and EmotionAid in Emergency and War Situations - Cathy Lawi, PhD, PCC$17.99
Using Food to Create Safety for Trauma Healing - Luis Mojica, PSEP, CNC, CLC$17.99
Working with Military and First Responder Populations: How Their Training Rewires Them, Debunking the War Myth, Approaches to Help them Take off the Uniform - Doug Allen, CD, SEP, MSW$17.99
Working with Refugees and Sex Trafficking Survivors - Atira Tan and Neslihan Ozcan$17.99
Working with Shame & Guilt - Laurence Heller$49.99