Through expanding access to nervous system stabilization tools in diverse global communities and educating the public on the impacts of trauma, we hope to create a kinder, more regulated world.


Here's how we're doing it.

Improving Access

Scholarships to Somatic Experiencing International's 3-year Professional Training Program create opportunities for helping and healing professionals of all backgrounds to deepen their practices and better serve their clients and communities.

In 2022, SEI awarded scholarships to 293 students to help them achieve their dreams of becoming SE Practitioners.

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Resourcing for Resilience

SE is built upon the power of co-regulation and resourcing to promote healing from within. To aid in this process, SEI is developing SE toolkits full of exercises and helpful resources for stabilization and healing.

In 2022, the SE Crisis Stabilization & Safety Aid (SCOPE) Protocol was translated into 30 languages and distributed to refugees, aid workers, and host families throughout Europe through the efforts of the SE Ukraine Task Force.

SEI has also developed specialized “Toolkits”: one for parents and educators, one for military veterans, one for self-care in the new year, and another for first responders, all of which were distributed to more than 40,000 individuals in the SE community.

Fostering Awareness

We believe that through public education and outreach, we can create a more compassionate, trauma-informed world.

In addition to the 3-year SE Professional Training Program, SEI creates and shares educational resources through our social media channels to over 700,000 individuals, produces free Anti-Oppression webinars for professionals interested in trauma resolution for underserved populations, and maintains an ever-expanding research library with advances in SE and somatic therapy research from the world's leading minds.

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Partnering for Healing

Intervening with Care

In response to the war in Ukraine, SEI and its global partners launched the SE Ukraine Task Force to provide immediate resources and opportunities for healing to helping and healing professionals in Ukraine and throughout Europe.

Building with Hope

The SE Ukraine Task Force is transforming into a new group, called SE Humanitarian, with the goal of providing support to communities in crisis around the world through SE-informed programming. SE Humanitarian currently involves more than 100 volunteers and delivers programming in 11 languages.


Become an SEP

Becoming a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) is an incredible way to deepen your professional practice and inspire hope and healing in your community. Start your SE journey today.

Support SEI

By giving a gift, you're creating greater access to essential tools for nervous system regulation and healing for communities around the world. Learn what your generosity can do.

Discover SE

Somatic Experiencing is an integrative nervous system stabilization method for trauma resolution and resiliency, informed by somatics. Learn more about this groundbreaking modality.

Train a New Generation of Helping and Healing Professionals

Making a gift to support scholarships for SE students has ripple effects: for each professional trained, hundreds more people will be able to experience hope, stabilization, and healing.

Develop Nervous System Stabilization Resources

In difficult moments, the right coping tools can make all the difference. A gift to Somatic Expeirencing International funds the development and distribution of tools and resources for nervous system stabilization in communities around the world.

Create a More Trauma-Informed World

Your gift creates more publicly-available educational resources focused on the causes and impacts of trauma, global education campaigns, and professional development webinars that introduce trauma healing into new fields.

Our Pledge

In a world full of uncertainty, the SE community stands for stability, hope, and resilience. We recognize the generational and systemic trauma endured by underserved communities worldwide, and we acknowledge our duty to provide opportunities for repair and restoration.

We pledge to increase access to SE education and resources, and we pledge do so with equity and justice at the center of our decision making.

From producing free Anti-Oppression webinars to providing scholarships for students from underserved communities, we can't do it alone: it takes a global community, working together, to create a more resourced, trauma-informed world. 

We are so thankful to the members of our community who have joined us on this journey and who chosen to support equitable access to SE through their acts of generosity. 

Gifts of every size make an impact! Please consider making a gift and joining this compassionate community working together for good.


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Why Somatic Experiencing?

“I have patients who are off all of their medications….who no longer suffer from panic attacks….who are no longer haunted by traumatic visions. SE is the only method I have found that consistently helps people reorganize their nervous systems and greatly reduce, if not completely erase, trauma symptoms. Although I understand that the SE™ techniques are grounded in biology, the results are nothing short of miraculous.”

Shirley Impellizzeri, PhD

SEP, Psychologist, Author

“I’ve found SE to be the most fundamental work I do with clients. I’m a clinical psychotherapist, dance therapist, Craniosacral therapist, pre- and perinatal practitioner and I have two masters degrees. But what SE offered me has worked more than any other skill I’ve been trained in. It’s so basic, intuitively supportive and safe for clients. No matter what happens I know I can resort to slowing down and resourcing. SE is wonderful work.”

Nadia Natali

SEP, Dance Psychotherapist

“SE provides the basic natural healing and core nervous system skills for all the work I do, and its natural mindfulness as well. It helps clients attune to what's happening in their bodies, slow down and pause fast energies, wake up and balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. These basic and natural SE practices and tools help clients re-enter a traumatized or dissociated body slowly, at their own pace, and gradually (for some) more safely.”

Craniosacral Therapist

Huntington Beach, CA USA