Reap the Benefits of Membership in Somatic Experiencing’s Largest Community.


Why Join?

Somatic Experiencing International membership provides SE™ practitioners, mental-health partners, medical and crisis
management staff, and bodyworkers with an array of benefits.


Become a certified SE™ Practitioner plus continue learning through monthly webinars, master classes, access to our library, forum, & groups.


Get listed in our SE™ Practitioner Directory, learn about setting up your practice through webinars, and receive discounts to vital business needs like insurance, computers, & software.


Join our global community of over 3,000 Somatic Experiencing students and Practitioners. More to come….

Membership Levels


Practitioner Directory Listing

Get found online with a listing in SE™ International Practitioner Directory.  Drive traffic to your website referrals and add new clients via your listing so those seeking SE  can learn more about you and your practice.

Please note, to be eligible, you must be an Intermediate-Advanced Student or SEP™ and an active Somatic Experiencing® International Member in good standing. We welcome qualified practitioners committed to ethical, compassionate care.


ABMP & USABP Membership Discounts

ABMP offers quality professional liability insurance with individual coverage for body workers.  Members of ABMP receive outstanding benefits including hundreds of continuing education classes.

Discounted SE Educational Webinars

Enjoy free and discounted education webinars! Visit our Training & Events calendar.

Master Classes with Dr. Peter Levine

The Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training is a continuing education certificate program designed to enhance the skills of SE providers. Receive $100 off any 2023 USA SE Master Class. Prerequisites apply. Visit Dr. Levine's Ergos Institute of Somatic Education website.


Build your website and explore all the features. Get 2 months of free live website hosting on Therapysites.com. This website hosting includes full customer-service and after hours chat support. This includes a profile in their directory with a specialized page just for our members! 


Member Testimonials

“After years of using the SE Practitioner Directory to find other SE professionals, I wondered if it might be helpful to be listed myself. Since joining, it’s been delightful to connect with other members of the SE community who found my contact information there. Also, I’ve also been surprised with the number of new clients who found me in the Directory. Austin is a growing city, and the Directory is the first place newcomers look to find SE Practitioners.”

Sue Snyder Pederson


“The first year I listed as an SEP in the SE Practitioner Directory, I was pleasantly surprised to receive several inquiries and referrals each month. My listing in the directory offered interesting folds in the area an opportunity to explore the benefits of SE close to home.” 

Diana Wood


“I have been a member of the NY directory for 10 years. My listing has allowed professionals going through the SE training program to read my background, to see if we are a match to work together, and also read how I can fulfill their needs. This has helped them to reach out to me for private sessions, case consultations and SE reviews. And for clients who are searching for a trauma therapist they have found me on the website and called to book private sessions. So I have been very pleased to have my listing on the SEI website and will continue my membership in the years to come!”

Rev. Lynn E. Bourbeau



To view the PDF of the FAQs below, click here. If you have further questions, please email: membership@traumahealing.org.

What is the Membership team?

The membership team manages all things connected to your membership with SEI, including your practitioner directory listings.

Why should I become a member?

Help new clients find you: Our SE Practitioner Directory is the primary source for SE referrals worldwide. When browsing the internet for SE professionals, our Directory is the first resource displayed. In addition, our faculty, staff, and other professionals use the Directory to make referrals. If you are listed, you have the opportunity to receive these valuable referrals and to support those in need of your services. Receive other great benefits (see above). Support a nonprofit organization doing valuable work: Your membership dues support SE International in developing new programs and providing scholarships for low-income professionals serving individuals and communities in need.

What membership level should I join?

Please refer to our list of membership levels here.

How do I renew my membership?

To renew your membership, login to your membership account. You will be able to renew directly from your account page. Once you pay, you can login to your Practitioner profile to update your listing anytime.

How do I log in to the membership portal?

We are currently updating our technology for a brand-new SEI Member experience. Please reach out to our SEI Membership Department to inquire about your benefits.

Please remember that this is a separate login from your Practitioner Directory listing.

How do I log in to update my Practitioner Directory listing?

You can log in to update your practitioner listing here. Please keep in mind that any changes you make do not automatically get applied.

How long will it take for my practitioner listing to be added or reflect my changes?

When you first create your practitioner listing, it could take up to 3-5 business days to be added to the site as we review your profile to ensure the information you listed matches our records. If you create your listing several days or weeks after you sign up for your membership, we may not get notified of that posting. If you update your listing, we may not get notified of that change. Please email membership@traumahealing.org when you make changes so we can update your listing in 3-5 business days.

Are my Membership fees tax-deductible as a charitable contribution?

Membership fees are not considered a charitable donation for federal income tax purposes. However, they may be deductible as ordinary and necessary
business expenses.

Why do I not have the option to make a practitioner listing?

The directory listing is only for Intermediate-Advanced students and for SEPs. Beginning-year students and public members are not listed in the directory.

I forgot my practitioner directory password. How do I login?

You can login here. Enter the email address/username associated with your Directory listing. Click the button “Request My Password.” Your password will be sent to your email address.

How do I add a second practice location to my directory profile?

Please log in here and visit the dashboard link at the top of the page. Once in your dashboard, click the button to “Create an Additional Listing”. You will recreate a whole new profile with the second location. This means that you will need to re-enter your bio, insurance, contact information, etc. a second time.

I'm practicing in California. How do I indicate which part of the state I'm in?

If you practice in CA, when you register please be sure to click “CA-North,” “CA-Central,” or “CA-South” from the “California Region” dropdown menu on the member registration form.

When does my membership expire?

Membership is valid for one year from the purchase date, except for Lifetime Membership, which never expires. Please email programsupport@traumahealing.org if you need a reminder on when your membership will need to be renewed.

I recently became an SEP and need to upgrade from Student Member to SEP Member. How do I upgrade?

If you have already paid for Student Membership this year and have recently received your SEP Certificate, please email membership@traumahealing.org to upgrade levels.

Why is the membership fee higher for SEPs?

Clients and professionals searching our Directory for referrals are generally seeking the most highly qualified SE professionals. As an SE Practitioner, you receive priority listing in our directory and are more likely to receive referrals because you have completed our training.

Student Members (listed as “Practitioners in Training”) also receive referrals as those searching our directory typically review the full profile to view practice details that contribute to their choice. We offer a discounted rate for students as they are concurrently paying for their tuition in the training.

I am a student and I am looking for Credit Providers. Where can I find a list of approved Credit Providers?

We have a list on our website of all approved Assistants/Providers. Please click here to access this separate directory.

I have just paid for membership. Why is my profile not showing in the directory?

Before your listing goes live, we will review your profile to make sure that the training levels listed in your profile match our training records. We will then manually approve your profile and post it to the Directory. If you register over a weekend, the review will take place the next business day. Remember that Directory listing is only for Intermediate-Advanced students and for SEPs. Beginning-year students and public members are not listed in the Directory.

Still have a question?

Send an email to membership@traumahealing.org. If you have already sent an email, please allow one – two business days for a response before emailing again!


Meet the dedicated SE International team behind the scenes that support your professional development, practice management and membership needs.