SCOPE Crisis Stabilization and Safety Aid

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Crisis Stabilization and Safety Training

The CSS training program is designed to teach responders of all kinds to interrupt and prevent the symptoms of stress, shock, and trauma during a community-wide crisis, such as a disaster, mass casualty event, war, or pandemic. It equips individuals and peer teams with the tools and skills to create structured experiences of stability, safety, and support for themselves and others, even and especially when the stakes are high. By providing tools and skills to stabilize the nervous system, it improves short- and long-term outcomes for responders, their team, and the community they serve.


SCOPE is designed to be utilized across sectors, industries, and roles. In the videos below, find resources for you and your community:


SE™ Crisis Stabilization and Safety for International Crisis Responders

SE™ Crisis Stabilization and Safety Aid for Parents and Families

The SE™ Community is comprised of incredible people AROUND the world WORKING to make a difference

We are a people committed to bringing forth a global culture of healing and wholeness for all. The good work of this SCOPE Crisis Stabilization Aid has been the product of many contributions and collaboration, but undoubtably the foremost gratitude and acknowledgement goes to Alexandra Whitney, SEP, PhD. Alexandra started the conversation about support sessions for frontline medical professionals, originally offering a designed protocol for SE interventions easily remembered and used through the mnemonic SCOPE. The conversation has since caught fire and led to bigger ideas, including the further development of SCOPE as an easy-to-use field guide for SE Crisis Stabilization. We extend additional gratitude to the many SEPs, faculty, staff, and our COVID-19 Response Working Group who collaborated to bring this to the world as quickly as possible. We thank you, and look forward to more ways we can all continue to work together to bring Somatic Experiencing to the communities and people who can benefit from it the most.