All faculty candidates must complete a formal Faculty Track application, supported by a list of required documents (outlined in the application) to start the review process by members of either the North American Faculty Accreditation Committee (NAFAC) or the International Faculty Accreditation Committee (IFAC), supported by the SEI executive and administrative staff. It is anticipated that both NAFAC and IFAC will initially meet on a quarterly basis, starting January 2021, to review applications and to consider potential faculty advancement decisions. Geographical needs and training number capacity will be among the factors used in the decision-making process. 

Submission and review of application does not constitute acceptance into Faculty Track.

Please click below to obtain and complete the Faculty Track application and document checklist:

Faculty Track Application & Checklist

We are pleased to move forward with the opportunity to grow our faculty team in North America and throughout the world.


For questions regarding Faculty Track, please email: facultytrack@traumahealing.org