Toddler Trauma – Joseph Riordan, MAPS, FCCLP, IAAN, SEP

Toddler Trauma – Joseph Riordan, MAPS, FCCLP, IAAN, SEP


Trauma is neurobiologically transposed in dyads through the same neurological pathways of attachment to create Dyadic Trauma. Somatic Experiencing is an effective intervention for traumatized toddlers when paired with a behavioral sequence of trauma reenactment to achieve neurobiological completion of the thwarted survival imperative to seek comfort in fear-regulation.

Comfort-Seeking, the toddler’s autonomic behavior of safety-orienting and running-to safe attachment figures for soothing is a phylogenetically ordered, neuro-motor, survival imperative that completes the toddler’s survival response to restore whole brain neurobiological homeostasis.

When Comfort-Seeking is followed by Somatic-Attachment-Soothing the toddler’s nervous system can regulate into Quiescent Attunement where attuned, secure-attachment in the attachment dyad is restored, a phenomenon described as Dyadic Completion.

Participants will learn the process and sequence of dyadic completion and learn several new descriptive terms in the nomenclature of trauma therapy.

This webinar is 1 hour 17 minutes long.