Meet the SEI Legal and International Team

by | Aug 1, 2022 | FEATURED STORIES

SEI’s Legal and International team is made up of 3 employees with a shared love for international travel and inclusivity. They are Ana Paula Bastian, Director of Legal Affairs and International Relationships; Kathy Hally, Legal Affairs and Ethics Manager; and Katie Kroll, International Program Administrator. Between the three of them, they speak five different languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Japanese, and English. They are also all well-versed in SE, having each completed at least a portion of the SE Professional Training Program.

Ana Paula, who overseas both Legal and International, says there are many items in the works that SE members should be on the lookout for. Legal is soon to release an upcoming series of webinars on Ethics, as well as an upcoming page on the SEI website with Intellectual Property resources, guidance, request forms, and FAQs. Also, more translations of SCOPE are on the way thanks to the collaboration between SEI and the Ukraine Task Force, including translations in Danish, Serbian, French, and simplified Chinese.

The Legal and International team is always looking for ways to assist community members in using SE property in a way that both benefits members and protects SEI’s property. They want to hear from you about this! What SE Materials are you wanting to use and how can this team help you better to achieve your goals? Additionally, if you have thoughts on how to better support the international community in culturally sensitive ways, they are eager for them!

Reach out to the SEI Legal and International team to share your thoughts.

Email Legal: legal@traumahealing.org
Email International: international@traumahealing.org