Abi Blakeslee*

Abi Blakeslee


Somatic Psychotherapist, Somatic and Bodywork Practitioner

I am SE faculty and a marriage and family therapist. I have a Masters in Counseling and Depth Psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical and Somatic Psychology. My dissertation, with a committee that included Dr. Daniel Siegel, generated original research on the role of implicit memory in Somatic Experiencing. My clinical experience is with individuals, couples, children, and families treating a broad base of issues. I draw from over a decade and a half of experience with SEI, teach throughout the country and internationally, and consult world wide. I am currently conducting evidence-based research on SE to promote its use in trauma informed state wide care initiatives. You can access several SE research publications I have written on my website. I reside in Bozeman, Montana (right outside of Yellowstone National Park), and currently specialize in providing SE individual and group consultations for SE students of all levels. I have faculty level online group case consultations a Saturday of most months. You can join by going to my website www.abiblakeslee.com. I focus on giving practical details in building SE skills and how to integrate various frameworks into your SE practice such as psychodynamic therapy, object/relations, the psychobiological principals of attachment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, and SE touch skills. Please feel free to email at somatics4healing@yahoo.com, or sign up to receive information about trainings, lectures, and SE research at: www.abiblakeslee.com.

*Abi also teaches at the Ergos Institute for Somatic Education and Crestwood Somatic Trauma and Resiliency Training.

  • See private clients
  • Offers Individual Case Consults to SE Students

Instructor Level: SE Professional Training Faculty
Teaching In: North America, Australia
Levels Taught: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
Sees Private Clients: Yes
Offers Case Consultations and Personal Sessions: Yes

Teaching in:

Bozeman, MT
United States

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