Dea Parsanishi*

Dea Parsanishi


Master's in Education, Body-oriented Psychotherapist, Certified Canadian Counsellor

As a body psychotherapist who has worked with traumatized humans for 30 years and as a human impacted by trauma, I am passionate about teaching and learning how humans heal from trauma.

I live on the west coast of Vancouver Island where I work as a trauma therapist. Prior to that, I worked on the front lines with traumatized children, youth and adults.

A large portion of my clinical practice is with complex trauma, early developmental trauma, attachment and intergenerational trauma.

Currently, I teach SE™ in Canada, the US and Japan.

As the child of Japanese-Canadian and white-Canadian parents, I have lived and worked across culture all my life. As well, I have been blessed to work in a number of First Nations communities and was taught how communities survive multi-generational trauma, the importance of spirituality in healing, and the overlap between SE™ and some traditional ways of healing. These personal experiences inform my understanding of culture, race, racism and marginalization and impact how I support healing within these experiences.

I work from a body-oriented perspective, incorporating SE™, movement, touch and touch awareness in my practice. I am available for faculty consults and the occasional in-person personal session.

Also, vital parts of my life include my family, playing in the ocean and the rainforest and dancing with others.

Website: https://www.deaparsanishi.com/

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Instructor Level: SE Professional Training Faculty
Teaching In: North America, Japan
Levels Taught: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of the SE Professional Training

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Port Alberni, BC

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