Elfriede Dinkel-Pfrommer*

Elfriede Dinkel-Pfrommer


Diplom-Psychologist, Psychological Psychotherapist

Elfriede Dinkel-Pfrommer is trained in family therapy, cognitive psychotherapy, Gestalt-oriented body psychotherapy, and other bodywork and energetic methods. She uses SE as an integrating force to blend these different approaches and tools to support people in their healing process. Her interest in body, movement and dance and the quality of body awareness and SE-touch combine with verbal approaches to create a profound way to help people.

Elfriede is a licensed psychotherapist in behavioral therapy and works in a private practice together with her husband in Rottenburg, a little town in the South of Germany. Since she has come in contact with SE, she has assisted Peter Levine and other SE teachers for many years in Switzerland and Germany to help spread SE in Europe. She teaches the SE professional training in Germany.

  • Offers Individual Case Consults to SE Students

Instructor Level: SE Professional Training Faculty
Teaching In: Europe
Levels Taught: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of the SE Professional Training

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