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Gina Ross


Marriage, Family, Child Therapist; Teacher, Author, Co-Founder of the Israeli Center for the Treatment of Psycho-Trauma In Jerusalem

Gina Ross, is Founder and President of the International Trauma-Healing Institute (ITI-USA) and of its Israeli equivalent, ITI-Israel. She is also co-founder of the Israeli Center for the Treatment of Psycho-trauma in Jerusalem and the chairwoman of the International Israeli Trauma Conference of 1999, in Jerusalem. Gina is a US and international SE faculty member and an international senior trainer and practitioner of SE, teaching in the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa.

Gina's sensitivity to trauma is rooted in her personal life experiences of fleeing Syria as a child, leaving Lebanon overnight during the civil war and arriving in Brazil as a teenager. She immigrated to California 35 years ago. Trained in rational-emotive, cognitive and somatic approaches, she specializes in trauma and cross-cultural therapy in seven languages. She was the founder of the Los Angeles CAMFT Cross-Cultural Committee and is a frequent presenter at international conferences and has appeared on radio and television as a trauma expert. Currently Gina works with Israeli and Palestinian societies and media to bring about understanding of the role of trauma in Middle Eastern politics.
Gina has developed the Ross Model®: Working with the Collective Nervous System to work with trauma at national levels and address the role of trauma in conflicts, violence and war between groups and nations, using SE and other methods. For that purpose, she has authored Beyond the Trauma Vortex: The Media's Role in Healing Fear, Terror, and Violence; several scholarly articles; and recently published a series of books for seven sectors of society entitled Beyond The Trauma Vortex Into The Healing Vortex: A Guide for the Public (in English, Hebrew and Portuguese); Beyond the Trauma Vortex Into the Healing Vortex: Guide for Diplomats and NGOs; Beyond the Trauma Vortex Into the Healing Vortex: Guide for Psychology and Education; Beyond the Trauma Vortex Into the Healing Vortex: Guide for the Medical Field; Beyond the Trauma Vortex into the Healing Vortex: a guide for the Military and A Guide for the Media. The Guide for the Clergy is in progress. She has also created a web video analyzing the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict from the point of view of the 12 world trauma vortices that fuel the conflict, and has developed trainings to work with collective trauma. She is a consultant on trauma, the media and politics.

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Instructor Level: SE™ Professional Training Faculty
Teaching In: Middle East
Levels Taught: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced I
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