Glyndie Nickerson


MA, PhD, SEP, Clinical Psychologist

Glyndie Nickerson , M.A., Ph.D., SEP, Trusting and learning from nature and the moment by moment unfolding of the body’s wisdom has been a lifelong fascination and practice, and led to an early engagement with somatic and healing approaches starting in 1993. She is a clinical psychologist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in private practice. Her SE work is informed by current neuropsychological research, the biopsychosocial model, object relations, attachment theory, family systems, Jungian, and relational psychoanalysis perspectives, as well as the creative and spiritual blossoming that curiously often accompanies post-traumatic growth. Her meditation practice anchors her work.

Glyndie is a graduate of Kathy Kain’s touch training, former faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and a former massage therapist & yoga teacher. Her practice is based in Northampton, Massachusetts but she also lives part-time in County Kerry, Ireland and thus often works with clients via video conferencing.

From her work in community mental health in Western Massachusetts, as well as overseas with tsunami victims, domestic abuse survivors, and ex-political prisoners in India, Glyndie recognizes and supports awareness of collective and personal trauma due to cultural, racial, political, class, sexual orientation, and gender difference as part of the healing process. Facilitating the honoring of one’s own bodily experience against the often louder backdrop of societal conditioning is a passion.

Her doctoral research involved a three-year project working with Tibetan expolitical prisoners in Northern India exploring autonomic regulation skills in combination with Tibetans’ own Buddhist cultural healing skills. Glyndie enjoys exploring nature, walks on the beach with her dog, mosaics, and exploring new bodywork modalities. She is presently investigating how communal drumming and rhythm build resilience in the nervous system. Glyndie also works with groups with her dog Logan.

  • Sees private clients

  • Offers Individual Case Consults to SE Students

Teaching in:

Northampton, Massachusetts

Instructor Level: SE Professional Training Faculty
Levels Taught: Beginning level of the SE Professional Training
Teaching In: North America and Ireland

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