Heike S. Gattnar*

by: Laura Kitzmiller

Heike Gattnar started off as a research assistant in the field of Neurophysiology at the Max-Planck-Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, Germany, and at MIT in Cambridge, MA (USA). Since 1978 she has been trained in body-, voice- and art-therapy and has been strongly influenced by Jungian Psychology, meditation, and holistic healing approaches. In 1995, she became an assistant trainer and supervisor in the Feldenkrais-Method and has since worked in many Feldenkrais Trainings throughout Europe.

In 1997, Heike met Peter Levine and continues to study with him. It is her desire to help spread SE and, born herself during World War II, to resolve the trauma of wars in Europe, especially in the 2nd and 3rd generations. Heike teaches a SE-training program in Northern Germany and Introductory courses in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Norway, and Sweden. She lives in Munich, where she has had a practice for more than 20 years as a somatic psychotherapist.

Heike teaches the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of the SE Professional Training

  • Offers Individual Case Consults to SE Students

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