Lael K. Keen*

Lael K. Keen


Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Certified Rolfing® Movement Practitioner, Instructor of Rolfing®, Matrixworks™ Trainer

Lael Katharine Keen is an Advanced Level Teacher for the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute, a direct student of Dr. Peter Levine and is a founding member of the Brazilian Trauma Association (ABT). She has been teaching Somatic Experiencing® in Brazil, the USA and all around the world, since 1998.

In addition to teaching for the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute, Lael has been a teacher of Rolfing® Structural Integration since 1995. She teaches Rolfing® at the basic and Advanced levels and is also an instructor of the Rolf Movement Program. She is a founding member of the Brazilian Rolfing Association (ABR)

Lael holds a 5th degree black belt in Ki-Aikido and has studied many different disciplines that focus on the body-mind connection. She is a Trainer of Matrixworks Living Systems, an approach to working with groups. She uses both her Aikido training and the study of Matrixworks in all the groups that she leads

She lives in the south of Brazil where she and her husband (also a Somatic Experiencing® teacher) own and operate a training center in the Atlantic Rain Forest on the Island of Santa Catarina.

She continues to study and learn about what it is to be a human being and how we can heal at all levels, body, mind, soul and spirit. She is an Anthroposophic Art Therapist and recently completed certification as a Bates Visual Educator in the Bates Method of Vision.

  • Sees private clients
  • Offers Individual Case Consults to SE Students

Instructor Level: SE Professional Training Faculty
Teaching In: South America, North America, Europe, Asia
Levels Taught: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of the SE Professional Training

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Florianópolis, SC

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