Liana Netto

Liana Netto


Clinical Psychotherapist

Liana Netto is a clinical psychologist, working as a professor and clinical supervisor for graduate studies at the Jungian Institute of Bahia in Brazil. She is developing a post-graduate course in Psychotraumatology and establishing an ongoing discourse between the fields of analytical psychology and Somatic Experiencing.

Liana is a researcher at the Bahia Federal University of Medicine, where she is completing her doctorate studies. She has published scientific articles and book chapters on PTSD, and offered workshops, brief courses, and poster presentations at National and International Congresses, symposia, and scientific applications of clinical psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, and Jungian Analytical Psychology. As a spiritual and physical practice she has studied the Chinese martial arts (Kung fu and Tai chi chuan) for twenty years.

  • Offers Individual Case Consults to SE Students

Instructor Level: SE Professional Training Faculty
Teaching In: South America
Levels Taught: Beginning and Intermediate levels of the SE Professional Training

Teaching in:

Salvador, Bahia

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