Shideh Lennon

Shideh Lennon


Clinical Psychologist

Shideh Lennon is a licensed clinical psychologist (NY, VA), Somatic Experiencing® faculty, and consultant in private practice in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York.

Shideh’s work and teachings are centered in shared humanity, collaboration, warmth, and compassion. From that bedrock Shideh uses her many years of experience in relational psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing® to uncover the nervous system’s innate ability to reset and heal no matter the extent of trauma.

Shideh received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology more than 25 years ago from Adelphi University’s Gordon F. Derner Institute and completed her Somatic Experiencing® training several years later. She has additional training in Integral Somatic Psychology and Inner Relationship Focusing. Shideh is also a long-time practitioner of Zen and Mindfulness meditation which brings added depth to her teachings.

Born in Iran, Shideh and her family left the country and immigrated to the U.K. in her early adolescence after the Iranian revolution in 1979, before settling on the East Coast of the United States.

Shideh truly loves her work and feels fortunate to be able to give back to her students and clients the deep healing she has found in her own life. She feels most herself when she is teaching, cooking/baking, and laughing.

Instructor Level: SE Professional Training Faculty
Levels Taught: Beginning
Teaching in: North America
Sees Private Clients: Yes
Offers Case Consultations and Personal Sessions: Yes

Teaching in:

Hudson Valley, NY
United States

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