original polyvagal poster

Applied Mindfulness, Inc., in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Porges, PhD, Developer of the Polyvagal Theory, has created an Official poster of the Polyvagal theory.

It provides explanation of the theory, its importance, key terminology, and implications, along with neuro-anatomically accurate representations of the neural systems involved.

It is an excellent way to introduce somatic therapy clients to the major tenets of the theory, and help them see and understand more contextually the way that Somatic Experiencing works to support trauma resolution.

It is available in three versions: one for general educational purposes, with neural platforms depicted by a human figure, and two for clinical application (use in therapy) with the neural platforms represented by nature elements, and dogs (a social mammal), as using human representations of the states in therapy may be triggering to someone who has experienced trauma.

Somatic Experiencing® students and practitioners will receive 10% off the poster price by using the discount code: SETI

Posters are available framed and unframed and ship internationally.

View and purchase here: https://restorativepractices.com/product-category/posters/