PSEP Expiring

by | Jan 29, 2024 | NEWS

Thank you as always for your support of Somatic Experiencing™ International(SEI), and your representation of the SE Modality in your communities. We also extend our gratitude for your commitment and patience with the changes and uncertainties SEI and the SE Community faced during the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic. As we emerge to face the new realities of our world today, we are eager to focus our attention on moving forward with you. 

As you know, the Provisional SEP (“PSEP”) Approval and designation was temporarily established during the pandemic. This classification was created to recognize individuals completing all achievable requirements during the pandemic and a letter was sent to the community detailing the standards and limitations of this credential. To review this letter, please click here. Over half of the Advanced II Online modules occurred over 2 years ago, placing them and the students who attended them outside the 2-year deferment policy SEI has in place. To review this policy, please visit the Student Policy Handbook available on our website.  

Effective immediately, students who completed their Advanced II Online module more than 2 years ago will no longer be eligible for the Provisional SEP Approval status, must audit an Advanced II module, and apply for the SEP Approval.  

In consideration of our community, the challenges presented by the pandemic, and the limitations of the 2-Day in-person offerings, we are extending a final grace period for free registration to students and Provisional SEPs who have not yet completed their SEP requirements. All Students and SEPs who seek registration for an Advanced II module by February 29, 2024, may audit the event free of charge. The training may take place after February 29, 2024, but registration must be sought by that date. As of March 1, 2024, all new registrations will be subject to the standard auditor price. These registrations will be subject to the current Transfer Policy and permitted transfer of the free registration once. Requests to transfer the free registration more than once may be denied. 

As of March 1, 2024, all Provisional SEPs approvals over 2 years will expire. These PSEPs who are not yet registered to audit an Advanced II will be notified. These individuals will not be required to resubmit their Approval Packets and will still be eligible for SEP Approval upon completion of Advanced II. However, they may no longer use the Provisional SEP or PSEP credential and must revert to describing their student status within the Professional Training Program. 

For example, they may:

  • advertise that they “integrate Somatic Experiencing® techniques” into their practice, OR
  • say that they have completed “x” number of hours of training in the SE™ Professional Training 

Those notified of their expired Provisionals SEP approval must review their website(s), advertising materials and all social media posts and make the changes that are needed.  

Provisional SEPs who have registered to Audit an Advanced II module after February 29, 2024, will be permitted to continue using the Provisional SEP or PSEP credential until completion of their requirements and fulfillment of the SEP designation. 

SEI understands that unique barriers or obstacles may exist for some individuals affected by these policies. We have several ways to share your feedback, so please choose the most appropriate option for you:  

  • Feedback Form – for general feedback about SEI, our processes, or our administration. 
  • Complaint Form – for complaints regarding these changes or generally regarding SEI, our processes, or our administration. 
  • CSR Form – for sensitive feedback you would like directed to our Board and administrative Directors, please complete the Constituent Request Form for an SEP Support request.  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these policies, and for your ongoing support of SEI.