Help your clients experience the empowering flow of movement through their bodies as they learn to ground and orient to the world from their center. Darrell Sanchez, Ph.D., will be conducting North American Tuning Board Trainings this year in Boulder, San Francisco and Vancouver. Visit www.tuningboard.org/trainings for more information.

A 10% discount is available for members and SEPs. Members, please visit the Member Portal under ‘Tuning Board Discount' and students, email: communications@traumahealing.org to receive the discount code. Go to www.tuningboard.org, and click on How to Use the Tuning Board on the dropdown menu.

Upcoming Events:

“The Tuning Board, Breath, and the Vagus Nerve,”

A 75-minute Embodiment Forum on May 28th with Darrell Sanchez, Ph.D.

We will locate and experience in our own bodies the respiratory centers, diaphragm, and vagus nerve. We will learn how to use the Tuning Board to bring movement awareness into these important structures, both for oneself or a client. Developing a greater intimate felt sense of these structures will help connect us and our clients to our life-giving breath.


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