A Therapist’s Journey: Discovering the Power of Somatic Experiencing® By SE™ Student – San Diego, CA Beginning I – March 15-18, 2024, taught by Mahshid Hagar, SEP™, LMFT

by | Jun 25, 2024 | FEATURED STORIES

As a psychotherapist, I've always been passionate about helping others overcome their mental health challenges. Little did I know that my own struggle with anxiety would lead me to a transformative approach that would not only change my life but revolutionize my practice. 

For years, I battled anxiety, trying various techniques and modalities to manage my symptoms. Despite my extensive training and experience, I felt something was missing. The traditional talk therapy approaches I'd learned seemed limited, often failing to address the crucial connection between the mind, body, and nervous system. 

That's when I discovered Somatic Experiencing® (SE™). Initially, I sought it out as a client, hoping to find relief from my own anxiety. The results were nothing short of remarkable. As I learned to tune into my body's sensations and work with my nervous system, I experienced a level of healing I hadn't thought possible. 

Intrigued by my personal transformation, I knew I had to bring SE™ into my practice. The 8-module SE™ Professional Certificate Training Program confirmed what I'd already sensed: this was the missing link I'd been searching for. Learning about polyvagal theory and the intricate ways our bodies store and process trauma opened a whole new world of therapeutic possibilities. 

The impact on my clients has been profound. I've watched in awe as they made breakthroughs that seemed out of reach with traditional talk therapy alone. By allowing their bodies and nervous systems to “speak” and be heard, they're accessing deeper levels of healing and resilience. 

I'm incredibly grateful for the skills I've built and the insights I've gained through SE™. It's not an exaggeration to say that it has changed my life, freeing me from the grip of anxiety. Now, it's transforming my psychotherapy practice in wonderful ways, benefiting both my clients and me. 

As I continue this journey, I'm constantly amazed by how much healing can happen when we create space for the body's wisdom. If you're a fellow therapist feeling limited by traditional approaches, or someone struggling with anxiety or trauma, I encourage you to explore Somatic Experiencing®. It might just be the missing piece in your healing puzzle, as it was for me.