Alaine Duncan’s journey into the world of trauma healing through Somatic Experiencing®


In 2003, Alaine Duncan, an established acupuncturist, happened to listen to a powerful interview on Democracy Now with the parents of Marine Lance Corporal Jeffrey Lucey. Jeffrey had returned from serving in Iraq, but unable to cope with the traumatic experiences he had endured, he tragically took his own life in his parents' basement. The VA had released him instead of keeping him as an in-patient, despite his parents' loving care and deep concern for their son.

Alaine was filled with the conviction that acupuncture could have helped Jeffrey and his parents. However, she felt she needed more training in military culture and traumatic stress to support them effectively. She sought a program to provide her with the necessary skills and a supportive team.

The 8-module Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner Certificate Training stood out as the only trauma-training program offering effective tools for people across many disciplines and professions. It is an essential tool for helping others with unresolved trauma. Inspired by Jeffrey Lucey's story, Alaine immersed herself in the world of trauma healing.

Over the next dozen years, Alaine worked tirelessly in VA and DoD facilities, applying her new knowledge and skills in military medicine. She even co-authored the book The Tao of Trauma with Kathy Kain, sharing her insights and experiences.

Alaine collaborated with SEI to bring SE™ training to Crossings, a healing center in Silver Spring, MD, near Washington, D.C. Over the past 20+ years, Crossings has graduated countless Somatic Experiencing® Practitioners (SEP™), significantly expanding the resources available for trauma healing in the region.

Looking back, Alaine finds deep satisfaction in knowing that out of the tragedy of Jeffrey's death, she has helped create a world with more tools and support for those struggling with trauma. Her journey, sparked by a heartbreaking story, has transformed her own life and countless others seeking peace and healing.