Connecting to Conscious Marketing: My SE™ Journey By Rebecca Schwartz, MA, MBA, Director of Marketing & Creative Services

by | Jun 25, 2024 | FEATURED STORIES

When I first joined the staff at SEI, I did not expect it to profoundly reshape my approach to marketing/communications and business development. As someone with a storied background in for-profit sectors, I was initially unsure how I would fit into the SE™ community. Of course, the mind and body are connected, and healing needs to incorporate a bottom-up approach. I voraciously devoured every article, book, and study about SE™ I could find. As a marketing/communications professional, research and information are key to successful strategies. 

From the first days at SEI, I intended to take the 8-module SE™ Professional Certificate Training Program. It took a couple of years to find the time to make the extra effort. In 2023, after some prodding from friends and colleagues, I finally had the opportunity to attend the training in Palm Springs, marking a significant turning point in my journey. 

However, as my research, reading, interaction, missteps, and forward movement unfolded, I found myself not just observing, but becoming an integral part of this remarkable community. The SE™ community welcomed me with open arms, curious about the perspective I brought from the world of marketing and communications. This openness allowed me to make connections I never anticipated. I engaged in deep conversations with faculty, coordinators, assistants, students, SEPs™, board members and other professionals, each interaction broadening my understanding of SE™ and its potential impact. 

As I immersed myself in the training, I began to see marketing through a new lens. The SE™ principles of interconnectedness, body awareness, and resiliency started to infuse my approach to business development. I realized I can apply my existing skills to a more conscious, ethical way that aligned with my lifelong core values and the ethical tug-of-war with my chosen career path. The added benefit was that they also aligned with SE™ mission, vision, and values. 

Connecting with the SE™ community also opened my eyes to the power of authentic storytelling. As I witnessed the transformative journeys of participants, I recognized the importance of sharing these stories in a way that was both compelling and ethically considerate. This realization led me to develop a more nuanced, sensitive approach to creating strategies that emphasize the importance of Somatic Experiencing® as a formidable healing modality. 

The training deepened my commitment to conscious marketing. I began to see my role not just as promoting a service, but as contributing to a larger mission of transformative healing. This shift led me to seek out more ethical, transparent marketing practices that truly serve the SE™ community and future students. 

Throughout the training, I feel a profound sense of belonging to the SE™ community. SE™ transformed and elevated my marketing, communications, and business development, infused with a new level of consciousness and purpose. I now approached my work with a deep respect for the SE™ principles, always considering how our outreach could support rather than overshadow people's healing journeys. 

This experience has forever changed how I view my role in marketing and business development. I have learned that it is possible to align business goals with ethical, nervous system resolution-informed practices. My connection to the SE™ community has not only enhanced my professional skills but has also given me a new sense of purpose in my career. 

 As I continue my journey with SEI, I am excited to use my enhanced skillset to contribute to the growth of this vital field in a way that remains true to its core values. The SE™ training has not just taught me about a new modality; it has shown me a more conscious, connected way of approaching my entire professional life and has given me a community that is outstandingly compassionate, and one in which I belong.