SE™ Community Conversations: Telehealth in COVID19 Times

The SE™ Trauma Institute is offering this free 6 week series to be a resource to Wellness practitioners everywhere who are making the transition to providing telehealth services to adapt to the current conditions of being in a worldwide pandemic that limits our ability to offer in-person mental health and wellness support. This is not a seminar on how to start a telehealth program, nor is it about laws and regulations. It is designed to be a complement to our partner associations who are offering those outstanding programs.

At this time we wanted to gather colleagues to share wisdom and to resource one another for the changes we are all making. This series is a community gathering around robust conversations between our esteemed faculty, who are full of wisdom, experiences, and insights as to how the neurobiological principles and the practical applied practice of SE™ supports and enhances a provider's connection with self and with clients in an online context. It is designed to assist therapists, body workers, coaches, wellness practitioners, and the array of people drawn to the deep embodied wisdom of Somatic Experiencing® to be able to regulate nervous systems and restore a sense of safety and wellbeing.

Attend one or all sessions. Each is 90 minutes long, and will include an in-depth Q&A. See our Facebook page for the topic of the week.

This is a free offering because we recognize and regret that many peoples' incomes are compromised right now. We welcome any donations that may assist us in providing assistance for these times, as we continue to explore ways to be a resource to help the world heal. Thank you for your participation and support. May you also feel supported and encouraged.

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