SEI Welcomes New Faculty Track: Larry Iannotti, SEP™, LCSW, PhD

by | Jun 26, 2024 | FEATURED STORIES

I take immense pleasure in supporting the potential of all human beings to grow, change, and heal in ways that enrich and strengthen themselves and, as a result, the world around them.

I am a social work psychotherapist with an extensive background in issues of sexuality, illness, disability, and trauma. After graduating Columbia School of Social Work, I spent close to a decade working in hospital-based HIV/AIDS clinics in New York city from 1992 until 2001. Afterwards I began work as a psychotherapist and completed a doctorate in Social Welfare from CUNY; carrying out research on discrimination and oppression experienced by members of sexual minority communities. I have taught Human Behavior and Human Sexuality courses for Social Work students at Hunter College in Manhattan. My current psychotherapy practice is based in New York city where I work with adults, both individually and as couples. In addition to Somatic Experiencing, I am also trained in Hypnotherapy and Inner Relationship Focusing.

I believe that anchoring our work in body-based, trauma-informed practices such as Somatic Experiencing allows for a more stable and consistent process of internal growth, increased resiliency, and best supports people’s inherent capacity to heal. Such healing brings us closer to our own felt sense of vitality. In this way Somatic Experiencing is one of the best ways to support our clients’ most authentic selves to arise. I have found, over and over again, that Somatic Experiencing practiced within a relationally informed and attachment-based treatment relationship, leads to greater change and a longer-lasting sense of wellness. I am truly honored to have been accepted onto SEI’s faculty track.      


Larry Iannotti, SEP™, LCSW, PhD