Real Stories of SE™

by | Oct 3, 2022 | POINT OF VIEW

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that everyone has an SE Story. For some, it’s a story of personal transformation, deep personal resonance and the unlocking of possibility with a new approach to healing trauma. For others, it’s inspiration, seeing how SE can change their practices and help them to grow as healers, professionals, and people.

SE gives us new ways of connecting with clients, our communities, and ourselves.

Daniella Schonbuch (Beginning II): “I feel very moved after attending this training. It has helped me developed a more grounded and compassionate approach in my practice and in relating to myself and others around me.”

SE has the power to change our perspective and open our minds to new possibilities.

Hafizullah Chishti (Beginning I): While “trauma” is recognized as a thing in my tradition, there is simply not enough recognition of how trauma blocks the kind of deep, transpersonal experience that spiritual teachers are trying to develop in students, nor what to do when the practices actually expose a glob of trauma instead of freeing the seeker into greater possibility. So the SE lens is a very valuable perspective on how spiritual practice works at the somatic level to help regulate and build resilience in the nervous system, and also how spiritual practice can fail to do that while just making the mind happy for a minute. I look forward to developing the kind of facility to be able to help students resource themselves from all levels of their being.” 

SE gives us tools to tackle trauma and restore ease in a safe, supportive space.

Kelsey M. (Beginning I): “I cannot stress enough how significant it was to go through a trauma training in a BIPOC cohort. A lot of the trauma I have experienced has been related to racial issues personally and transgenerationally. I cannot imagine being able to go to the depth of the healing work that I was able to in such a short period of time if I did not feel as safe and seen and supported as I did by not only the facilitators, but the rest of the group.”

SE shows us that we are more resilient, compassionate, and powerful than we know.

Margie Monnet (Intermediate III): “I entered the SE training with the notion that I was going to be working with traumatized and broken people. What I have come away with after completing my Intermediate III segment was a profound awe and deep respect for the organism we call the human. I witnessed our resiliency, and ability to overcome and flourish, not just survive, again and again. I witnessed our capacity to be present and supportive and compassionate in our shared experiences, and the profound effect that could have on another person's nervous system. We are not broken, we just need someone to walk with us through our story, so we know we are not alone. Through SE I fell in love with the being part of humans, and it gives me hope.”

These are just a few of the stories that have been shared with us over the past few months. Each one has touched us deeply and made us so proud of the strong, resilient community Somatic Experiencing has inspired.

There are so many stories yet to share, and even more to write. We can’t wait to see what discoveries SE unearths in our community and the world around us.

You can make more of these stories possible through making a gift to Somatic Experiencing International. Your generosity fuels discovery, connection, and transformation through the power of SE every day, everywhere. Make this how your story starts.