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SE™ TODAY | January 5, 2022


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Letter From the SEI Executive Director

Marv Tuttle

Marv Tuttle

“We look anew to 2022 and the opportunities that lie in store for us, as individuals, as professionals and as a community dedicated to bringing light and healing to the world through the gifts, principles and teachings of Somatic Experiencing.  I, too, start the year with a rededication to the values of servant leadership and being more intentional in my actions with kindness, compassion and gratitude in all that I do.”

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Colorado Fires

An Update from SEI Board Chair Rebecca Stahl, SEP

Rebecca Stahl, SEP
“For the second time this year, our Boulder home community has been struck by tragedy, this time with the worst fires they have ever seen. Everyone associated with the Somatic Experiencing International office is safe. The SEI staff and SE community are close and connected, and we are incredibly grateful to know our people are physically safe from harm. However, as a community, we know the impact trauma of this nature can have on folks, even those who do not lose their homes or are not asked to evacuate.


We ask that you send good wishes to the SEI staff and the SE community in the Denver and Boulder areas. Everyone in the Boulder office spends their days caring for all of us. May we be able to offer our hearts to them in return during this difficult time. Also, may the New Year bring more peace to the Boulder community.”









Coming Soon: Our 2021 Annual Report


We changed our name. We changed our branding. We successfully held trainings online (and developed protocol to safety restart our programs in person). More than 2,500 individuals started the coursework. We held a hugely successful Virtual Conference – with 1,000 people around the world logging on. We awarded the first Annual Peter Levine Research Awards. We organized groups to go to the scenes of natural disasters and crises. These big moments were all part of 2021 – and we look forward to sharing more in our 2021 Annual Report. The report should be out the end of January, so stay tuned!


Louisiana in Recovery

SEI Staff and Volunteers on the Ground Three Months Later

A SEI nine-person staff and volunteer team was in south Louisiana in mid-December, helping local communities in their on-going recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Ida.

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SE Professional Training Program Tuition Rates and Registration Deadlines to Change January 18, 2022


SEI will increase tuition rates for the 3-Year Professional Training Program beginning January 18, 2022 and has established new registration deadlines. Read the original announcement to learn what is included in this increased price and what the new registration deadline means for you. 

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Working with Military and First Responder Populations:


How their training rewires them, debunking the war myth, and approaches to help them take the uniform off.

Douglas Shaun Allen, CD, SEP, MSW

January 6, 2022


11:00 AM – 2:00 PM MT

Presented by: Douglas Shaun Allen, CD, SEP, MSW

$49 for members

$99 for nonmembers

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Using Food to Create Safety for Trauma Healing

Luis Mojica, PSEP, CNC, CLC

January 11, 2022


10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MT

Presented by: Luis Mojica, PSEP, CNC, CLC

$29 for members

$79 for nonmembers

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Yoga as a Neurobiological-based Therapeutic

Joann Lutz, MSW, LICSW, C-IAYT

January 13, 2022


11:00 AM – 12:30 PM MT

Presented by: Joann Lutz, MSW, LICSW, C-IAYT, Intermediate SE student

$29 for members

$79 for nonmembers

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The Frequent Bidirectional Relationship Between Trauma and Functional Neurological Disorders (FND):

Everything That Therapists and Medical Professionals Should Know

Yadira Velazquez, MD

January 25, 2022


11:00 AM – 1:00 PM MT

Presented by: Yadira Velazquez, MD

$29 for members

$79 for nonmembers

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Our learning and knowledge library has a wealth of valuable, relevant webinars from leaders in the SE field. All webinars in the membership portal are free for members to stream. To take advantage of this learning library, join SEI.

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How the Bottom-Up Treatment Can Address Trauma

By Amanda Ann Gregory, LCPC in Psychology Today


“Talk therapy doesn’t always work in treating trauma. Why? It’s a top-down treatment approach that typically targets the top step of your brain in order to access your lower steps. Talk therapy is like walking down your brain’s staircase. What if you walked up that staircase instead?”

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Global Town Hall


February 8, 2022


10 AM MT

The town hall format offers an additional live opportunity to ask questions and share perspectives about the direction, strategic priorities, and current projects underway at SE International. After opening updates and comments from representatives of the SE International Board of Directors, the remainder of the Town Hall session will be devoted to your questions and comments.

This event is FREE.

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Upcoming Community Conversation 

The Neurobiological Mechanics of Motivation


January 14, 2022


When life gets challenging, motivation to get up and go can come to a heavy halt. We may make New Year's resolutions in attempt to force a change. Yet, virtually every study tells us that approximately 80% of New Year's resolutions will be abandoned by February. Advances in neurobiological studies identify motivation is not just psychological, but rather, is rooted in engaging the energy of a well-regulated nervous system.

In this month’s community conversation, we will explore what drives motivation, what happens to nervous system responses when it wanes, and ways to support others and yourself to stay energized and resourced for the outcomes you aim to achieve. This event is free to attend. 

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