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SE™ TODAY | November 15, 2021

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Letter From the SEI Board Chair

Rebecca Stahl, SEP

Rebecca Stahl, SEP
On November 7-8, 2021, SEI held its first in-person 2-day experiential training for P-SEPs to be able to complete their Advanced level and qualify for their SEP certificate. The training was held in Golden, Colorado, was taught by Dave Berger, SEP, MFT, and marked a positive step forward for the SEI training program as it was the first in-person training since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to focus on healing with touch.

In this month's Letter from the SEI Board Chair, Rebecca Stahl weighs in on the significance of this step and what it means for the SE community as a whole.

“The pandemic is not over. We have no idea how long it will continue. We have no idea what the end of the pandemic will even look like, and what the world will be when it is finally over. What I think we are all coming to accept is that our lives will never be the same as they were before, again. I am sure we all can think of ways we can improve our lives from the lessons we learned from COVID, and I am sure there are aspects of our prior lives we will continue to grieve. My expectation is that, never again, will any of us, particularly in this community, take for granted the power of in-person connection and the felt sense of an in-person training.”

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Growing Together

“Transforming lives through healing trauma is more than just a motto. It is an inspiring challenge that everyone at Somatic Experiencing International pursues daily. I hope you will continue to join us in that challenge and help support our mission directly by giving through the link below.” – Paul Beverly, Director of Business Development and Fundraising

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Polyvagal Theory for Somatic Experiencing Practitioners

From the Polyvagal Institute

Polyvagal Theory for Somatic Experiencing Practitioners is specifically designed to introduce key polyvagal theories and practices to Somatic Experiencing Practitioners and students who have completed their first year of SE training. The course is entirely on-demand with the exception of two live sessions with Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana.

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2022 Advanced Trainings Announced

We are excited to announce SEI’s 2022 Advanced I & II trainings. Please note that some trainings will be held online while others are opening as in-person. Our intent for the in-person trainings is that they will remain in-person. However, in the event it is deemed necessary to transition back to an online platform, expect date and agenda changes to accommodate online learning.

We are also continuing to open our remaining 2-day trainings for students that have attended or are currently attending an online Advanced II.

To view all Advanced training offerings, please visit the Training and Events Schedule on our website.

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SEI Email Updates

In an effort to improve customer service efficiency and effectiveness at the SEI Headquarters, email addresses apply@traumahealing.org and info@traumahealing.org will no longer be valid contact email addresses.

We encourage constituents to use programsupport@traumahealing.org for general questions, or fill out our contact form https://traumahealing.org/contact/.


Registration Deadlines

Due to increased demand and a need for more streamlined processing, Somatic Experiencing International is implementing registration deadlines for the three-year training program starting January 1, 2022. This is for US trainings only.

SEI will accept registrations submitted by participants for their intended module only if received at least three days prior to the start date. At the three-day deadline, registrations for modules will close and students will no longer be permitted to join.

If you have any questions about this change, please reach out to programsupport@traumahealing.org.










SE Research Salon:

SE-Informed Mentoring for Research

November 17, 2021


9:00 AM – 10:30 AM MT

Presented by: Mary Giuffra, PhD, Frank Olsen, Ben Boyarko, and Patricia B. Sikora, PhD

This event is FREE.

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Working with Military and First Responder Populations:


How their training rewires them, debunking the war myth, and approaches to help them take the uniform off.

Douglas Shaun Allen, CD, SEP, MSW

January 6, 2022


11:00 AM – 2:00 PM MT

Presented by: Douglas Shaun Allen, CD, SEP, MSW

$49 for members

$99 for nonmembers

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Using Food to Create Safety for Trauma Healing

Luis Mojica, PSEP, CNC, CLC

January 11, 2022


10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MT

Presented by: Luis Mojica, PSEP, CNC, CLC

$29 for members

$79 for nonmembers

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Join SEI and Access Past Webinars for Free

Our learning and knowledge library has a wealth of valuable, relevant webinars from leaders in the SE field. All webinars in the membership portal are free for members to stream. To take advantage of this learning library, join SEI.

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VIEW OUR TRAINING CALENDAR for a full list of webinar offerings.


The Cost of Doing Business in High Stress Environments

Kathy Kain, SEP, MA, PhD on the CASAT On Demand Podcast

Kathy Kain, SEP, MA, PhD
“Dr. Kathy Kain discusses the science behind a somatic approach to help heal the impacts of stress and trauma. She also describes how the body responds to the experiences of our lives, and gives important recommendations for how to support ourselves when working in high stress environments.”
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APA Call For Proposals

“The call for proposals for APA 2022 is now open for division programs through December 17. We hope you will join us again as a presenter when we meet in person in Minneapolis.

This year, we are excited to announce new session formats that are designed to increase attendee engagement for deeper learning—and more meaningful interactions about your work! Learn more and start your proposal today!”

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Global Town Hall

February 8, 2022

10 AM MT

The town hall format offers an additional live opportunity to ask questions and share perspectives about the direction, strategic priorities, and current projects underway at SE International. After opening updates and comments from representatives of the SE International Board of Directors, the remainder of the Town Hall session will be devoted to your questions and comments.

This event is FREE.

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Recent SE Community Conversations

Heartbeat of the Heartland – Taking the Pulse of Rural Mental Health

Rural communities across North America and around the world are home to some of the strongest, most resilient people. Cultural roots, social expectations, and shared mindsets create distinct rural identities. There can be unique challenges when it comes to mental health in rural communities both in terms of access and interest, as mental health stigmas can run high in remote communities favoring self-reliance. In this special session we have assembled practitioners who live and work in these communities to share their experience.

You can watch replays of this conversation and all past SE Community Conversations on the SEI Website.

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National Native American Heritage Month

SEI Celebrates National Native American Heritage Month. The SE International Headquarters sits on the occupied homelands of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute people.

We honor and thank you.


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