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In this issue:
  • Letter from SE™ Board Chair Rebecca Stahl
  • Survey Indicates Community Interest in Research
  • SE Institute Staff Focuses on DEI Education
  • SE In the News
  • Compassion as Emotion Regulation: Applied Insights from Emotion Science
  • Finding Sanctuary in the Body with Paula Josa-Jones
  • Upcoming Free Webinar with SE Faculty Member Gina Ross
  • SE Institute Upcoming Conference: Call For Proposals 
  • Don't Forget to Read the 2019/2020 Special Report!
  • Do You Have A Story To Share?

Letter from SE Board Chair Rebecca Stahl 

In this month's letter from SE Board Chair Rebecca Stahl, we look forward to the New Year with hope, pulling on the skills learned through the SE training to bring us regulation in the challenging times and reveling in our connection as a community as we delve into new energy wells unearthed within the SE Institute in this past year. 

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The Mentor Working Group of the Somatic Experiencing Institute's Research Committee fielded an online survey in October 2020 to better understand the SE community's attitudes toward research and interest in research mentorship. Read more to learn what the unexpectedly high volume of responses means for the efforts of the Research Committee moving into 2021. 
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SE Institute Staff Focuses on DEI Education

As we move forward into 2021, furthering the SE Staff education in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) remains of great importance to the SE Institute. Moving into the new year, the staff members continue to take part in monthly DEI trainings led by Leon Cerna, President of HR Advantage Group. Leon is acting as an HR and DEI consultant with SE Institute to further its overall DEI initiatives.

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SE In the News
In the article “Therapists Donate Their Time to Counsel Distressed Health Care Workers” written by Mary Chris Jaklevic in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Jaklevic peeks into the mental health struggles of health care workers throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and how they are able to find aid in resources and organizations like The Emotional PPE Project and Caring for Caregivers. One such organization is the Therapy Aid Coalition, a non-profit that the SE Institute recently partnered with to bring relief in the face of the current COVID pandemic. The SE Institute is mentioned in the article as a training resource for therapists.

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Compassion as Emotion Regulation: Applied Insights from Emotion Science

In this workshop led by Jordan Quaglia you will develop a conceptual and experiential understanding of compassion, understand differences between empathy and compassion, learn how to cultivate compassion for oneself and others, understand compassion and its training through the lens of emotion science, and delineate intra- and inter-personal benefits of compassion.

The webinar takes place January 28, 2021 from 11 am – 12:30 pm MST via Zoom. Registration closes January 27 at 12pm MST. 

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Finding Sanctuary in the Body with Paula Josa-Jones

In this webinar you will learn several simple, gentle movement practices using conscious movement and stillness, breath, self-touch, and imagery. These are intended to help settle our systems, feel ourselves more deeply, and hold ourselves more gently by attuning to movement, which is our primary language. These practices can be integrated into traditional SE work and modified as appropriate for the abilities of the practitioner and the needs of the client.

This webinar takes place February 2, 2021 from 12 pm – 1:30 pm MST via Zoom. Registration closes at 12 pm MST on February 1. 

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Upcoming Free Webinar With SE Faculty Member Gina Ross
Collective Trauma, The Brain and Reconciliation is a unique collaboration among experts in the field of collective trauma, healing, conflict resolution, and reconciliation, featuring Dr. Danny Brom, Gina Ross, MFCT, and Dr. Salim Munayer and moderated by Sir Simon Wessely.

The 90-minute webinar will address the nature of collective trauma and its consequences, present innovative solutions for healing it, protocols for conflict resolution, as well as platforms to implement reconciliation.

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SE Institute Upcoming Conference: Call For Proposals
On January 15, the SE Institute announced the call for presentations and workshops for the upcoming conference: “I'm Here! Somatic Experiencing in 2021 & Beyond.” The conference will be held June 11-13, 2021.

The deadline for applications is Friday, February 26, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST. 

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Don't Forget to Read the 2019/2020 Special Report!

Read the special report published in December 2020 to find insight into and highlights of our significant efforts in 2019 and 2020. 

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