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March 22, 2021




  • Letter from SE™ Institute Board Chair
  • Coming Soon: New Name, New Look, New Future, New Perspective
  • Vancouver Fundraising for BIPOC Scholarships
  • Community Conversations – Medical Professionals: Mental Health Matters and Responding to Disaster in Croatia
  • International Conference Keynote Speakers Announced










Letter From SE™ Institute Board Chair

Rebecca Stahl



“In the annual report released in December 2020, we talked about how this time is one of transition for the Somatic Experiencing Institute. In this sense, we at the Institute echo so much of the rest of the world. It feels as though the world is in a liminal space. I often think about liminal spaces in terms of the caterpillar releasing into goo inside the cocoon and emerging as a butterfly. It is the butterfly’s struggle to emerge from the cocoon that creates its strength. Our struggle a year ago, and in many ways throughout these past several years, is what is making us strong today.”
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“The world is different these days.
So are we.”

New name, new look, new future, new perspective: On April 5, SE Institute will unveil its new name and its new branding. But the “new” SEI is much more than a name, logo, and visual look. It goes to the heart of who we are – where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Think: GLOBAL.

We’ll be sharing with you over the next several issues of SE Today, and in our social media channels, why we changed and what this means for you and the Institute.






Call for Applications

for the New Ethics Committee



The Board is seeking to fill five (5) seats on the Ethics Committee, with one eventually appointed to serve as Chair.  The Ethics Committee will be supported by staff liaisons and the Executive Director.   Committee members will serve two-year terms, starting April 15, 2021, with the opportunity to repeat service for an additional two-year term.   The Committee will officially meet at least on a quarterly basis, with regular reporting from staff liaisons on ethics-related activities and grievances.

You can access and complete the application for Ethics Committee service below. A professional CV/resume should accompany the completed application.

Ethics Committee Application

Bringing More Diversity to the Vancouver Area:

A New BIPOC Scholarship Fund




What is the impact of a donation of a full day of SE session fees? Or even a half-day? To black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC), a donation of those fees could make a big difference: The Vancouver area SEP group has a big goal – to raise $20,000 for BIPOC scholarships for the upcoming Vancouver 2021 SE Professional Training, starting in May. Once the goal is achieved, SE Institute has committed to provide an additional level of financial support for this effort. All funds raised will go towards tuition.

Your support means a BIPOC client who has been underserved because the service has not felt culturally relevant, or because racism thwarted their attempts at healing, will have a better chance of connecting with culturally appropriate therapeutic services. And SE students and professionals from all walks of life will have an opportunity for increasing their cultural competence. Given the current social and political climate of overt racism across North America, this feels more important than ever.

For more information on this BIPOC scholarship fundraising, please visit the link below.



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SE Community Conversations




Medical Professionals: Mental Health Matters
April 9, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm MT

“Medical professionals are under tremendous stress today.  Some are even exhibiting classic symptoms of trauma. How can SE help?”

Please join us for this very important and timely discussion on trauma and medical professionals. Our panelists from the medical profession have backgrounds in mental health and therapeutic practices: Mary Jane Beavis, MA, RP, CCC, SEP; Russel Kennedy, MD, RYT 200; Kathy Allen, RN, HN-BC, HTCP/I, SEP; Aimie Apigian, MD, MPH, SEP



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All our Community Conversations allow time for your questions. We invite you to take part in this important discussion. The replay of our most recent Community Conversation on Men’s Mental Health, and other conversations can be found on our website.



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Responding to Disaster

SEPs and SE Students in Croatia




On December 29, 2020, Croatia experienced a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, felt across the Balkans. Seven people were killed, and hundreds were displaced, lost their homes, and had no running water or electricity for weeks.

In response to the situation, SE Institute held a panel for the SEPs and SE students in Croatia, currently helping people suffering the traumatic after-effects. “Our goal was to support our peers and colleagues and add to the social engagement healing factor that is so needed when responders feel they’re isolated,” says Amie Leigh, director of public health initiatives for SE Institute.

If you’d like to watch a reply of the panel discussion, please find it at the link below.



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Global Town Hall

A Community in Conversation




“Is this last year an inflection point for the public’s understanding of trauma? If so, how do we leverage it? What is our new engine for research in the future? How is SE Institute reaching out to elected officials and people of influence?” 

These were just some of the topics discussed on our most recent Global Town Hall, held on March 9. If you’d like to watch it, here is the link to replay:



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“I'm Here!
Somatic Experiencing® in 2021 & Beyond”

International Conference Keynote Speakers Announced




For the first time ever, SE Institute will be convening a virtual international conference, on June 11-13, 2021, to celebrate the evolution and current applications of Somatic Experiencing™. This international conference is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the many innovative and unique ways SE is being used. We’re excited to announce three of our confirmed keynote speakers: Dr. Peter Levine, the founder of SE, Dr. Stephen Porges, distinguished university scientist at Indiana University and author of The Polyvagal Theory, and Dr. Ruth Lanius, professor of psychiatry and director of the PTSD research unit at the University of Western Ontario.

Keynote Speakers




The Conference Committee is currently reviewing more than 90 – yes, 90! – presentation proposals for the Conference, which will showcase the many innovative and unique ways SE is used. Read more about the Conference line-up and register at the link below.



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Somascapes Webinar



Somatic Experiencing® Informed Art Therapy Experiential

March 30, 2021
11:00am – 12:30pm MT 

with Merilee Minshew, SE Advanced Student, MAAT, LPC


Bring your pen and paper – better yet, your pen, 90-pound multimedia paper, colored pencils, and watercolors, because at the end of this webinar you will have created a Somascape during the art experiential.



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Moving Out of the Chair



Fun Nourishing Somatic Experiencing Workshop, Part 2

May 27, 2021
11:00 am MT

with professional dancer and provisional SEP Mark Kelly


Registration link coming soon. In the meantime, listen to this podcast from Dancers’ Workshop, which features Mark.






Learning & Knowledge Library




Our learning and knowledge library has a wealth of valuable, timely webinars from leaders in the SE field, including Part 1 of Mark Kelly’s webinar. All are free for members to stream through the membership portal. To take advantage of this learning library, join SE Institute.

Moving Out of the Chair: Fun Nourishing Somatic Experiencing Workshop Part 1, with Mark Kelly, professional dancer and provisional SEP. Stream through the member portal.



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Finding Well-Being and Black Joy When the World Is on Fire

“As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and violence, my mind and my body learned at an early age to disconnect in order to feel safe. Over the past few years, I’ve nurtured that fracture through Somatic Experiencing and bodywork like acupuncture and reiki.”

Read the article from Vogue.com:


4 Ways to Heal Yourself with Love

“Boundless heart energy becomes available to us when we are released from our trauma. We saw this when an international team of trauma healers, led by Somatic Experiencing teacher Raja Selvam, went to southern India to work with people affected by the tsunami that devastated villages there in 2004.”

Read the article from Lionsroar.com:



We’re developing a library of SE case studies and stories for our soon-to-be-launched new and improved website.

If you’d like to be part of this, please email:


and we’ll send you some guidelines.




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